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Academic Coaching

The transition from high school to college-level academics can be challenging. Based on RIT students’ feedback, studying in higher education requires more rigorous and effective study strategies. The ASC offers multiple programs and services that introduce students to effective academic strategies in an effort to meet college-level expectations. Academic Coaching focuses on topics such as time management, academic organization, and campus resources and is available for all RIT students at two distinct levels.

Peer Academic Coaching Academic Coaching (fee-based)

A free service for all RIT students, facilitated by trained upper-class students. Peer Mentors provide academic coaching for students to identify and introduce effective learning strategies, and to explore foundational topics such as academic organization, time management, the study process.


The one-on-one, peer-facilitated coaching approach is intended to share best practices, introduce tools and techniques, and raise awareness of campus resources to support academic success.


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Instructor-led Academic Coaching is fee-based and intended for first and second-year students who would benefit from individual instruction in transitioning to college learning. Facilitated by ASC instructional staff, students meet each week with their assigned Academic Instructor/Coach to apply academic strategies toward the achievement of academic goals in an independent study-like format. Topics addressed throughout the semester include organization, time management, learning strategies, the study process, goal setting, and self-advocacy. Students are introduced and encouraged to utilize campus resources to support their academic progress. Students beyond second-year status are encouraged to use Peer Academic Coaching or to enroll in one of the ASC Success Courses to support their continued development as successful students and learners.

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Who can benefit from Peer Academic Coaching?

Any RIT student who would like to discuss or learn about effective strategies in academic organization, time management, or the process of studying can benefit from Peer Academic Coaching.  Peer Academic Coaching is free and available to RIT students of all programs and year levels.  Instructor-led is a fee-based program for 1st and 2nd year students who would bebefit from individual instruction in trransitioning to college learning. 

What is covered in Academic Coaching?

Students who participate in Academic Coaching will be introduced to tools and strategies centered on academic organization, time management, and the study process.  Coaches may recommend campus resources to support student success and continued learning.

How often do students meet for Peer Academic Coaching?

Students meet with their peer coach 1-3 times within a semester.  These appointments may be in consecutive weeks or spread throughout the semester.

Who are the Peer Academic Coaches?

Peer Academic coaches are diverse, trained upper-class students who are knowledgeable of academic organization, time management, and study strategies.  Peer Academic Coaches are not tutors, but rather focus on introducing students to foundational study skills and strategies.

What can students expect when meeting with a Peer Academic Coach for the first time?

After general introductions, students should expect to be asked about how they currently organize their academic work, manage their time, and what tools they use. Students can also expect to cover general academic organization, time management, and study strategies to meet the student’s needs.