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Spring 2019 (2185) Notice:

Enrollment for students new to Empower will open:

November 16, 2018

Please contact the Academic Support Center at or 585-475-6682 for information on other support services and programs for the fall and spring semesters.


EMPOWER is a fee-based service offered to all RIT students* during fall and spring semesters by the Academic Support Center (ASC). Students who choose to enroll in this service will work with a mentor either once or twice a week, to set goals and to enhance academic strategies.

The goal of EMPOWER is to support students to be academically successful through the engagement in opportunities that will build academic independence.


During regular meetings, students will work with their mentor towards the following objectives:

Building Foundations

Empowering students to build upon and enhance academic foundations through knowledge and practice of time management, organization, and academic strategies; skills that are essential for academic success.

Encouraging Reflection

Empowering students to reflect on their academic progress and challenges they have encountered in an effort to gain a realistic understanding of their standing and possible behavior modications that are necessary to progress academically.

Creating Awareness

Empowering students to gain awareness of and to utilize appropriate campus resources to enhance academic success.

Promoting Advocacy

Empowering students to increase self-advocacy skills in their academic programs.

Developing Independence

Empowering students to acquire the skills necessary to be academically independent and successful. Students may be encouraged to utilize academic and personal support services to supplement mentoring.

*For NTID supported students, please visit our FAQ's page.

For more detailed information, please visit our FAQ's and or contact