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Posted by Kevin Turley on November 24, 2015

Unfortunately, for many of us the Thanksgiving break can be a mixed bag of complicated emotions. See if any of the feelings or situations below describe something you might have experienced in the past during “Turkey Day”.

Posted by Paula French on November 19, 2015

If you are like most students, you started the semester off with the best of intentions! Fall 2015 was going to be the best semester yet… right…?!   You were motivated, you were disciplined, you had a positive attitude (okay well, maybe…).

Posted by Kevin Mead on November 11, 2015

No matter how you slice it, college is hard. If the classes, homework, and projects don’t wear you down, then work-study programs and part-time jobs will. Yet on top of academics and work are the dozens of clubs and organizations on this campus, and guiding those clubs and organizations are dozens of student leaders.

Posted by Saige Simon on November 04, 2015

We as students often forget that our professors were in our shoes once. At some point, they figured out how to successfully navigate through classes, college, and life. So I turned to them to ask for their best piece of advice to achieve academic success. Consider how you can use their philosophies and words of wisdom in your own life: