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Posted by Kevin Mead on April 22, 2016

In olden days, the research project involved smashing two rocks together and painting a mammoth on a wall. Then, we evolved. In the Victorian era we toiled in sprawling libraries and twiddled our quills over mountains of parchment. We also died of plague a lot, but that’s a different story. Then, we evolved again.

Posted by Andrew Perry on April 14, 2016

How do you define revision? If you’re like most people, revision means running a spell check, looking over your draft for grammar issues, and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, moving (or removing) a paragraph or two.

Posted by Justyna Oldziej on April 08, 2016

You’ve probably figured out that math classes here at RIT are not by any means similar to what you have experienced back in high school. This is an extreme, abysmal, and autonomous encounter, sort of “American Ninja Warrior meets NCIS”.