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Posted by Timothy Keady on September 29, 2016

Being a healthy and successful student is easy to think about while you are in a class or talking with your friends during week one. You make plans to go to the gym and start doing all the things you know will help you stay healthy.

Posted by Victoria Cardenas on September 15, 2016

With Career Fair and interview day coming up, many are starting to wonder what their future may hold in terms of co-ops or full time employment after graduation! Have no fear, the ASC is here (to help you)!

Posted by Natasha Mistry on September 06, 2016

With the semester in full-swing now, assignments piling on, projects being assigned, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. It’s important to keep on top of all these assignments and tasks at the start of the semester so you don’t feel overwhelmed later on.