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Posted by Justyna Oldziej on March 30, 2018

Have you seen the newest adaptation of the Justice League? Don’t worry, I am not a movie critic; I just wanted to reference a scene when Flash asks Batman, “What are your superpowers again?”, and Batman answers, “I am rich…”

Posted by Hannah Weppner on March 28, 2018

Let’s face it. As a student, stress is probably a part your life. You know what stress feels like—a racing heart, rising blood pressure, overwhelming feelings—but at some point, you probably learned to accept stress as necessary for getting good grades.

Posted by Hannah Weppner on March 26, 2018

For many students, office hours can seem daunting.  Students might be intimidated to meet with their professors one-on-one, or they might fear that their concerns are “trivial” or a “waste of the professor’s time.” Some students might feel that their professors don’t care about them or won’t be able to help.  However, this is usually far from th