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Season: 5

Get to Know Us

The ASC has a lot to offer. Remember we are always here as a resource. Stop by anytime, we are here to help!

How to Survive Your Group Projects

RIT students give their advice on how to survive and thrive in group-assigned projects.

What We Love About Our Classes

Love is in the air and everyone is loving their classes right now! In this Real Deal, students share what they love about their classes.

Season: 4

The New Tigers' College Expectations

In this episode of RIT's Real Deal series, we talk to new students about what their expectations are for the year ahead. They have some interesting answers!

Useful Places on Campus

Students tell us the cool and useful places on campus!

How to Relax

Students share how they deal with stress.

New Semester Resolutions

What are your goals for this new semester?

Season: 3

Leading a Healthy College Lifestyle

This episode we talk with many students on campus about the important things necessary to live a healthy college life.

College Fears

This month on The Real Deal we talk to different students on campus about fears they have faced in their college lifetime. No tricks! Happy Halloween!

Working on Projects

In this month's Real Deal, RIT students give advice on how to tackle those projects before the end of the semester.

The Final Countdown

Finals are here! In this episode of The Real Deal, students talk about how they prepared for finals.

How to Chill at RIT

In this month's episode of The Real Deal, students share with us their favorite places to chill on campus. Your studies are important, just make sure you set aside time to relax and relieve yourself from stress.

Why are you lucky?

In this seasonal episode of The Real Deal, students on campus talk about why they think they are lucky. They have some pretty awesome stories!

Meet RIT’s New Tigers!

We have a lot of new promising Freshmen this year! Listen to them introduce themselves and describe what they are most excited for here at RIT.

Season: 2

Resource Rescue

What resources do RIT students use when they need help?

Study Dens

Where do you do your homework? A lab, the library, a dorm room? Take a look at some of the study dens of RIT's finest!

Tigers Give Thanks

Do friends get you through tough homework assignments? What about a favorite lab? Find out what students are thankful for at RIT!

12 Days of Finals

What does finals week mean to our students? Many different things.

College Expectations

Did college pan out the way you pictured? How has it differed from what you predicted?

Semester Reflection

How have students done this semester, and how are they fixing the problems they've run into?

Advice for your Freshman self

In this episode of The Real Deal, seniors tell us some advice they would have given their past selves. You might find their advice pretty useful!

Season: 1

Academic Do's & Don'ts

Check out some of our do's and don'ts for academic success! 

Study Centers

Do you need math or physics tutoring? Check out Bates or Sol Study Centers!

How to Get Through Finals!

RIT students share tips and tricks for surviving finals week!

Academic Resolutions

Start the Spring Semester and the New Year off right with great academic habits. Hear from fellow #RIT students about how they are going to make this semester the best yet!

Who do you love?

Sending some love to some of our favorite #RIT professors and faculty!

Welcome to the Library

The Wallace Center is full of resources and faculty that can help you succeed academically!

Textbooks Abuse

Textbook abuse is an issue that millions of college students face.

Advice from our soon to be graduates!

Our soon to graduate RIT students have learned a lot about being academically successful! They want to pass their advice on to you!

What the heck is YearOne?

Hear from some of our YearOne Peer Advisors about what the YearOne course is and why it is important for all first year students!