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Tutor Training & Employment

Tutoring Jobs on Campus

Tutoring on campus is a wonderful way for students to use personal skills to help a fellow student. Tutoring helps both the tutor and the student. When a tutor teaches content material, his or her own understanding of the content grows. At the same time, the tutor is helping a peer better understand the content and expectations of the course. In short, tutoring is a win-win situation.

Students who are interested in becoming a tutor should consider the following options:

  • College Learning or Study Centers: ask if there are any student tutoring positions within your college. Accounting and Finance, and Computer Science Tutoring Centers are often hiring.
  • Bates and Sol Study Centers: students proficient in math and physics that are interested in tutoring at our Bates and Sole Study Centers may contact Burair Kothair.
  • Student Employment Office (SEO): check SEO's website for postings.
  • Tutor for Hire: login, create a profile and students can contact you directly for tutoring services through the system.


Resources for current tutors

  • Tutor Training: The RIT Tutor Training Program helps student tutors become more skilled with some of the basic principles of tutoring and provides professional development related to their role as student leaders. These workshops are open to all tutors, teaching assistants, lab assistants, supplemental instruction leaders, or other student educators, hired by the various departments or learning centers of RIT. Training is also available to students who wish to strengthen their helping skills before applying to be a tutor.

    Students may have opportunities to earn tutoring certifications by attending tutor training workshops and by accruing tutoring hours and experience. Those interested in attending should contact their supervisor to see if their department can sponsor training.
  • RIT Tutor Certification: Bolster your skills set and credentials, earn perks and gain confidence, while we recognize your participation in training sessions.
    Learn more about how to sign up.
  • Join the Tutor Community: RIT tutors and private tutors that use Tutor Matching Service may join a shared online community to find easy-to-use forms, updates, tips, opportunities for training, community service trips and much more. Just send an email to to request access.