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Tutor Certification

RIT offers student tutors recognition for the expertise in the form of achievement badges and full tutor certification. RIT’s Tutor Training program will provide you with professional-level tutor skills, strengthened personal skills transferable in your future career and leadership opportunities and enhanced credentials as you apply for current jobs on or off campus.


Perks of RIT Tutor Certification

In addition to the personal strengths you will build through your training, RIT will recognize certified tutors in a number of ways.

  • Official university staff name badge stating you are an RIT Certified Tutor
  • Highlighted status on Tutor for Hire website to provide more credibility and potential earning opportunities as a private tutor
  • Preferred status for client referrals from RIT Tutor Training coordinator


Achievement Badges

  Modules Necessary
Bronze 5 modules successfully completed from the core curriculum plus 2 electives, a content verification and an interview.
Silver Bronze Level Certification plus two additional elective programs.
Gold Silver Level Certification plus two additional elective programs.
Platinum For the super achievers:
  • 5 core Modules
  • 8 Elective Modules
  • a content verification
  • Interview


Certification Curriculum