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Data Management


The Division of Student Affairs is committed to using data to drive data driven decisions to support and enhance programs and services for students.  Since this data is often stored and managed by multiple university offices in multiple systems, it can sometimes be challenging to identify the appropriate data sources and obtain access for professional purposes.  The Assessment, Technology and Communications department facilitates this process by assisting departments in identifying data needs, determining the best approach to obtain the data, and educates data stewards on data integrity standards for the storage of data. 


Student Affairs’ staff who are interested in learning more about data that is available or discussing data needs for their departments may request a consultation with a member of the Assessment, Technology, and Communications department by submitting an ATC Service Request.

Data Request

Student Affairs staff can submit a new data request or request data from an existing data report

All Student Affairs staff who receives data from the Assessment, Technology, and Communications department must complete a Student Affairs Electronic Data Guideline form and submit the completed form to Jessica Bowen.  This form only needs to be completed once and will be kept on record in the Assessment, Technology, and Communication department.  If you are unsure if you have a signed form on file, please contact ATC to verify. 

Examples of Student Affairs Data Requests

The Division of Student Affairs uses data to drive data-driven decisions for a variety of different purposes.  Below are a few examples of types of data reports requested by Student Affairs’ departments:

  • Program Planning
  • Enrollment Management
  • Course Information and Scheduling
  • GPA Verification for Student Worker or Award Eligibility
  • Recruitment for Programs and Services
  • Participant Data for Programs and Services

Information Access and Protection (IAP) Standard Resources

All Rochester Institute of Technology employees are responsible to protect the confidentiality of RIT private and confidential information that they handle and/or become aware of in the course of conducting business and research.  RIT private and confidential information is defined in RIT’s Information Access and Protection (IAP) Standard.