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Assessment, Technology, and Communications is committed to supporting data-driven decision making among Student Affairs departments through the development of a comprehensive plan for data collection and use. 

Assessment Planning

ATC supports each unit in Student Affairs in the development of an annual assessment plan.  Assessment plans are guided by unit priorities and aim to include each of a units major program areas.  Department use their assessment plans to understand the effectiveness of their programs and services at achieving the intended purposes and to drive their continuous improvement efforts.

Departments work with the Assessment Manager to build their annual assessment plans, which will include the execution of multiple assessment projects utilizing diverse methodologies and data sources.  Departments will benefit from using this template to begin to organize their assessment plans.

The Division of Student Affairs utilizes the TaskStream Accountability Management System (AMS) to document, manage, and archive annual assessment plans.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In addition to a Department Assessment plan, each department will identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which allow them to tell the story of their work through regularly reporting of vital metrics. ATC will work with departments to identify and report on KPIs during the 2016-2017 academic year. 


Departments also collect data points to analyze and monitor department work. These do not necessarily have an intended outcome or related goal and may be used to carry out business practices or to identify when performance is out of step with expectations.

Assessment Projects

Assessment projects come in all shapes and sizes.  They usually start with a question: Are our services effective?  How can we improve?  What did students learn? 

If you have an assessment question you want to answer, we are here to help.  Click here to tell us about your needs and get the project planning process started.  For each project, we will help you develop a comprehensive project plan, including analyzing and reporting on your results.

A range of different methods are useful in carrying out assessment projects.  Here are some approaches to consider:


The Division of Student Affairs utilizes the TaskStream Accountability Management System (AMS) to document, manage and archive annual assessment plans.  Taskstream allows departments to report on the entire assessment cycle from the development of their mission to the impact of their continuous improvement efforts.  The Taskstream assessment cycle spans two years.

If you are the AMS workspace manager for your unit, you may use this link to log on to the AMS system

For Student Affairs Departmental Taskstream access or training please contact Jennifer Maltby,


Are you interested in gathering data or feedback about your department, an event, a training session, or any one of your services? Baseline is a wonderful tool that allows Student Affairs staff to create and administer sophisticated surveys, as well as collect and analyze data. For more information, contact