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Departments across the Division are actively collecting and using assessment data. Here are a few recent highlights:

International Student Services End of Year Survey, May 2016

International Student Services asked students to report on their experiences with the ISS office and RIT.  In comparing the results of students in their first semester, at a mid-point in their RIT program and at graduation it is clear that students are more knowledgeable, more engaged and more satisfied the longer they are at RIT.  ISS will continue to focus on connecting international students with the RIT campus and student life at RIT.

Students were asked to indicate their level of agreement with the following statements:

  • I understand how to maintain my F-1 or J-1 student status.
  • I am familiar with the services offered by International Student Services.
  • International Student Services is a helpful resource.
  • I feel supported by International Student Services.
  • I participate/participated in student life at RIT.
  • I feel adjusted to life in the US.
  • I had a positive experience at RIT.