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Marketing Resources

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ATC MarCom Services

Our team of marketers, communicators, and creatives develop and implement strategic marketing and communications efforts that support the university mission, promote Student Affairs programs and services, and enhance the student experience at RIT.

We oversee all aspects of marketing and communications for the Division of Student Affairs, including:

  • Brand management
  • Creative services
  • Social media
  • Web
  • Division and unit level marketing and communications strategy
  • Promotion of services and programs
  • Internal communications with current student and division staff

Our Process
We work with you to build creative and intentional marketing and communications strategies that inform and engage. Through our strategic direction, operational guidance, and direct support, our team helps your department or area deploy marketing and communications strategies that support you in achieving business goals while ensuring alignment with university goals and priorities.

Reach out to us when you have identified a need to promote or communicate about an event, program, resource, or service. We will guide you through our five-step process to build and implement a marketing and communications strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

+ Intake Phase
As soon as you identify a potential need to promote an event, program, resource, or service, contact your marketing representative. It is best if you can share the following information in your outreach:

  • What is the purpose of the event/program/resource/service?
  • What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are you trying to reach?

+ Strategy Phase
In this phase, the marketing representative will lead in developing a marketing/communications strategy, building upon the purpose, goals, and audience information outlined in the Intake Phase. The marketing strategy outlines the marketing mix (otherwise known as the 4 P’s of marketing) and the project timeline. Before creative work can begin, the marketing representative and the client (you) will review the marketing strategy, used to establish a common understanding of the work.

+ Creative Phase
Equipped with a solid strategy, the marketing representative and the creative team will work together to bring the content to life through creative animation, design, photo, and video work.

+ Implementation Phase
The marketing representative will lead in implementation, deploying tactics identified in the marketing and communications strategy.

+ Measurement Phase
Reviewing key metrics and data helps us to continuously assess and improve our marketing and communications strategy. During the strategy phase, you will work with your marketing representative to identify which metrics you plan to review in the measurement phase.

Requests for Marketing and Communications services can be requested through our Service Portal.

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The Division of Student Affairs Marketing and Communications team will serve as a liaison between Student Affairs departments and RIT University Web Services. Our team can support you through strategy development, website planning, content writing, and more. 

To request changes to your department website, please complete the Website Change Request form

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RIT Brand

The Division of Student Affairs brand standards were been developed in accordance with the RIT brand standards. For additional information, please refer to the RIT Brand Portal.