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Global Unification

Global Unification

The World on Stage


As part of International Education Week,  Global Unification took place at RIT. Unification is the largest, live multicultural competition based event on campus that showcases Global Union's affiliate organizations and their culture through performances and tabling events. These performances in the past have been done by Latin Rhythm Dance Club, OASIS, Bhangra, Organization of African Students, Chinese Culture Club, Asian Deaf Club, and many others. Though not eligible to compete, special guests sometimes perform as well.

The whole purpose of the event is to showcase all of RIT’s diverse cultures. Each performance group has a unique display of their culture to share through performances, clothing, props, music, food and more... Through this event, Global Union has had the ability to not only to affect the domestic and international student population experience but has also reached the greater Rochester community. This year the event raised $450 dollars for the Rochester Refugee Resettlement Service and $450 dollars for the International Student Emergency fund on campus at RIT.

Students should engage in activities like this on campus to really gain a broader scope of the diversity and global influence surrounding them. RIT has a cultural diversity atmosphere and any domestic or international student appeal in this only causes its presences to grow. It creates an approach to maintain a well-rounded student body as well as more open-minded thoughts.

We asked Lacey Cook, president of RIT’s Global Union, what her favorite thing was about Unification:

“My favorite part of Unification is getting to have so much face time with student leaders from other countries and other cultures than my own. It really influences me to see the world and learn about the lifestyles of people around me no matter where I am in life. I feel as though this event enlightens me and opens up my mind to the plethora of opportunities that wait in the world for not only myself but for others. This event gets me excited about interaction relationships and where they might take me because of the people that I have the honor of working with are student leaders with the influence of their culture and customs that provide me new insights and ways to improve myself as a leader!”

As president, Lacey worked alongside the Director of Programming, Karen Blanco to communicate with clubs and oversee the progress of Unification and its overall incorporation with International Education Week. She also coordinated with clubs and with the Office of Government & Community Relations Coordinator to get the money raised to the appropriate charity through Rochester United Way.

Next year, Unification will be the 21st celebration of RIT's Global Union and will remain the largest multicultural event on campus with even more outreach to cultural groups on and off campus.

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Posted by:
Eliza Austin
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