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#RITStudentLife Tries RIT Tiger Tracks

#RITStudentLife Tries RIT Tiger Tracks

Vanilla ice cream, thick fudge swirls, and orange pretzel balls…we roar for it!

If you go to RIT, you’ve likely tasted Perry's Ice Cream at least once. If you haven’t, head on over to Gracie’s, Sol’s Underground, or Wegman’s and try some because you won’t regret it! However, if you have had Perry's, you’ve probably heard of (or even tasted) flavors such as Panda Paws or Muddy Sneakers. But…have you ever tried RIT Tiger Tracks?

Last week, RIT Dining revealed our signature ice cream flavor created by Perry's Ice Cream! They even handed out free samples in the SAU! The #RITStudentLife Marketing Team even went downstairs for a taste. Here’s what we thought!

After sharing our video on social media, Perry's Ice Cream even retweeted us! How cool is that?

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