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RIT’s 2017 United Way Campaign

RIT’s 2017 United Way Campaign

Anything is possible when we’re United.

“No matter how we choose to give, no matter how much we give – it all counts.”

-Bill Destler, President

It’s that time of year again, where RIT community members join together to kickoff  the fundraising campaign in support of the many services and programs that receive funding through United Way around the Rochester area, including RIT’s very own Margaret’s House!

Now, if we know anything about our Senior Vice President of Student Affairs, it’s that Sandy can be pretty competitive. She defended the “golden scoop” with Dr. Destler, John Moore, and Keith Jenkins during yesterday’s celebrity scoopers event at the Ben and Jerry’s counter in the SAU.

Beyond defending the scoop, Sandy also challenged everyone in the Division to consider directing all or part of their donations to Margaret’s House! She also challenged members of the community to achieve a higher participation rate than years past, that of which would guarantee an additional $2,000 to fund Margaret’s House playground renovation.

As Dr. Destler puts it, "Anything is possible when we’re United."

For more information, please visit the Rochester Institute of Technology’s 2017 United Way Campaign website!

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