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Connect More

Connect More

It's a vital part of your college experience!

It’s February. You wake up to the sound of your alarm and look out your window to see mountains of snow blanketing the ground. You get ready for class, pull on your snow boots, jacket, hat, and gloves, and make the long trek to your 8 a.m. class.

When you arrive on schedule, you walk into an empty classroom. Did the professor say there was no class? Is it in another location? Has the zombie apocalypse fallen upon us all? You check your RIT Email account and see an email telling you that “RIT is closed due to inclement weather conditions.” And to think, you could’ve slept in and watched Netflix all day.

Happy snow day.

The above scenario actually happened to me during my sophomore year because I hadn’t signed up for text alerts from RIT to receive the news. In short, it was a very cold walk back to my dorm room.

When you’re a college student, staying connected is a vital component of your college experience. When you come to RIT, there are so many ways for you to stay connected! Since I became a student a couple of years ago, I found that I use each one for different things.

RIT Email

Out of all the ways to stay connected at RIT, I probably utilize my RIT Email the most! One of my favorite features about this is the global address book, which has everyone with an RIT Email already in it. All you need to know is a person’s name and you can send them an email! It’s very convenient for group projects when you need to collaborate. I also use it to contact my professors with questions about assignments, as well as receiving notifications from RIT so that I can know what’s going on around campus, or anything that pertains to me as a student.

Social Media

When it comes to staying social, there are a bunch of options when it comes to engaging within the RIT Community on social media! Now, I might be a little biased because I get to write blog posts like this on the Student Life Blog, but this blog is a great place to learn about how other students are engaging on campus, as well as learning about how to make college living smoother. I also follow several RIT accounts on Twitter to stay updated on news and events.


I recently discovered TigerSafe, which is a mobile application designed by RIT students to be like a blue light, but in your pocket! Aside from major emergency use, it can also be used to get assistance if you need a jumpstart or lockout assistance with your car. You can also use it to file noise complaints if you live on a loud floor. Super helpful!

RIT Mobile

Similar to TigerSafe, the RIT Mobile App is also really helpful! I use it when I want to find what dining locations are open, or if I need to quickly check my Tiger Bucks balance. It’s really just a convenient platform for accessing information or services quickly and conveniently!

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