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When you're in Rochester, there is so much to DISCOVER!

When I first came to Rochester from my tiny town in Vermont, I was very busy becoming acquainted with my new home on campus, my classes, and really just being so far away from home. What I didn’t know was that Rochester has SO MUCH for everyone to discover!

Now a fourth year, I’ve had some time to venture through the area and there is so much that I’ve discovered about the city over the past couple of years. From amazing and varietal restaurants, scenic hiking trails, and a vibrant array of festivals, Rochester has become one of my favorite places to live, learn, grow!

Since moving to Rochester, I’ve learned that if you are willing to have an adventurous flavor palette, you will fare quite well with the vast variety of dining options in the area. Last year, I lived just off of Park Avenue, which you will come to know as one of Rochester’s staple areas. Being so close (and such a lover of all things edible), I’ve had the chance to try some the best bites the city has to offer. If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot to go with friends on a Saturday morning, head over to Jine’s. While you will have to withstand a little bit of a wait, they have some GREAT breakfast food!

If you’re looking for something a little more eclectic to fulfill your breakfast fantasies, the Mad Hatter on South Goodman is literally an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant, and they sometimes have a blueberry breakfast bake that is to die for!

If you can’t tell, we are pretty biased towards breakfast food…







For lunch and dinner, there are honestly so many places that it’s hard to list them all, but the Student Handbook can lead you to the place that does. At any rate, my favorite spots are probably Magnolia’s (the BEST macaroni & cheese), Blu Wolf Bistro, and Sinbad’s!

But, if you’re not looking to travel to go to restaurants, you’ll be happy to know that most places will deliver right to you!

Unlike where I am from, everything you could possibly need is really no more than 20 minutes away in any direction you go. Now that you live in Rochester, you’ve probably heard of a thing called Wegmans. It truly is a game changer when it comes to grocery shopping.

Just about any store you could possibly need to visit can actually be found right here in Henrietta!

Aside from lots of food and shopping options, there is also lots to do in the area! I recently moved to an area where I am right on the intersection of the Genesee Riverway Trail and the Erie Canal Heritage Trail. It’s really nice to be able to ride along the Erie Canal for an afternoon whenever I want. Did I mention that they’re building an R.E.I right on the bike path? You can stop and pick up your hiking gear for your visit to Letchworth State Park, which is only about a 40 minute drive away. Don’t have a car? There are usually always a group of students organizing a day trip there.

You will find that as you pay attention to social media or Message Center emails, RIT will often organize trips to all kinds of places around Rochester where transportation and food are provided to students!

While this article doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of what Rochester has to offer, you at least have an idea of where to begin looking. There really is something for everyone here, and we’re here to give you the tools to discover exactly what it is you’re looking for!

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