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Fall Break is almost here!

Fall Break is almost here!

How to make the most of the long weekend

It’s the end of week 6, and you’re probably pretty drained already from the relentless amounts of work being thrown at you. Luckily, October Break is here! Whether you’re heading home or staying here in Rochester, we’ve got you covered for the latest events, tips, and tricks for the weekend. Let this be a break for your body and mind, and let yourself recharge a little.

Getting the chance to go home for breaks can give you a rest from the fast-paced life on campus when you need it. Preparing for the trip can involve a lot of different steps; making sure your laundry is done, getting assignments submitted before weekend deadlines, and double checking that you packed enough underwear. Along with your luggage, you might bring home some new ideas and standpoints as well, and maybe even a tattoo. Your parents will want to talk about your classes and how your semester has been so far and if you’ve made any new friends, which will become a repetitive pitch each time you venture back. We get so accustomed to the freedom and independence of living on our own, that coming home for a long weekend can often create some contrast.

This short pause in your college life can also give you an advantage to do some boring adult things too, like getting your doctor's appointments taken care of or doing your laundry. Get it done and over with while you have time! (That’s how I always see it, anyway). Packing away some summer clothing for the season is always a good idea too as the cooler weather approaches. Make some room in your closet for those bulky jackets and cozy flannels, which somehow take up a massive amount of space. If you do end up with work to finish, it’s important to manage your time to free up more space for enjoying the break with friends and family, and of course to catch up on some much needed sleep!

If you aren’t heading home for October Break, there are plenty other things for you to enjoy while the fall weather begins to take effect. Check out the list below for some upcoming events around Rochester occurring over the days off! 

Events During Weekend (for students not going home)
Friday, October 6th

Saturday, October 7th

Sunday, October 8th

Monday, October 9th

Other Things to do in Rochester
Rochester Public Market

Letchworth State Park, hiking spots 
Wickham Farms - apple/pumpkin picking, corn maze, hayrides, homemade donuts and cookies, custard and soft serve ice cream 


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