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Cold Weather Has Arrived

Cold Weather Has Arrived

As the temperature decreases, it requires some serious preparation.

We’re here to let you in on just a few tips for adjusting to the unpredictable weather of Rochester during this time of year, and to make your time on campus a little warmer!

Backpack Essentials
Making your way around campus can be grueling when it starts to cool down in Rochester. See if you can fit a hat, pair of gloves, scarf, and an extra sweatshirt in your backpack. You might not think you’ll need it, but it really makes all the difference when making that trek to class. From either the parking lot or the dorm side of campus, your hands and head will thank you!

Commuter Lifesavers
If you commute to campus, make sure you have a good ice scraper/snow-brush duo for that stubborn frost and an emergency car kit. Check out for what you should include in your car kit, and important tips for emergency situations and overall winter driving. Start to give yourself a little more time to let your car warm up and to check the weather and road conditions before you leave!

Tunnel Traversing
They may be confusing, but learning your way through the tunnels can also be a lifesaver during the start of winter months. Ask an upperclassman if you’re unsure, or wander around on your own to explore the (warmer) routes. Take a look at The Ultimate RIT Tunnel Guide too!

It’s freezing outside, but after climbing three flights of stairs you’re sweating. A solution to this is to dress in as many layers as you can, the buildings around campus can be at totally different temperatures!

Parka Time
If you’re heading home for the weekend anytime soon or preparing for Thanksgiving break, pack up all your summer attire before you leave. Sadly, you won’t be needing it for a while! It’ll give you more room for those bulky jackets, hoodies, and scarves you’ll be desperate for in the coming weeks.

Toasty Toes
Invest in some good, sturdy boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Saving you embarrassment from slipping on ice is a plus, too. If they’re hidden deep in your closet, now is the time to break them out. Socks are also important, here you’ll find an expert’s guide to choosing the right pair! Who doesn’t love some nice cozy socks to make the chilly weather a little more bearable?

Coffee? Coffee.
Most importantly. Even if you don’t drink it to stay awake throughout the day, you could always fill a thermos with hot chocolate or tea. It’ll keep you energized and warm, your hands will stay heated too! Your favorite coffee spots around campus will always be there for you to fill up and recharge.

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Abigail Davis
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