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Mr. RIT 2017

Mr. RIT 2017

A wonderful success for Mr. RIT 2017, and an annual favorite!

The ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority have raised over 1 million dollars to contribute towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation over the course of their partnership with the foundation and hosting the male pageant. You can donate here anytime, in hopes that one day CF will stand for ‘Cure Found’. Mr. RIT is an exhilarating event hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon at RIT, bringing forth the talent of our University and encouraging other students to get involved to raise both money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Upon being crowned, winners received the titles of Fan Favorite, Mr. Congeniality, and of course, Mr. RIT. Each contestant is assigned a member from the sorority to coach and prepare them, while they participate in fundraisers prior to the event.

The following are the winners from this past Friday!

Fan Favorite: Aidan Sullivan

Mr. Congeniality: Colton Keenan

Mr. RIT: Jeremiah Eyster

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