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Student Spotlight: Bobby Moakley

Student Spotlight: Bobby Moakley

A journey through the RIT experience and Rochester culture

"Throughout my time at RIT, I have begun to discover some of Rochester’s hidden gems. The art, music, people, and culture of Rochester quickly became an integral part of my college experience.

I began my campus involvement with clubs and campus activities, offered by the Center for Campus Life but I knew I wanted to have an even larger impact on the RIT and Rochester communities. As a second year student, I took on new roles in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement and Student Government. Through these two roles, I have been able to develop such a larger vision for RIT students within Rochester.

My role as a Senator in Student Government has provided me with the opportunity to advocate for a variety of issues concerning the RIT student body. I was able to gain a different skillset and perspective on the college experience through Student Government, ultimately landing me a position as Vice President for RIT SG.

Today, I continue to work with both the Into the ROC program through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement and Student Government, working to grow and promote community opportunities for students at RIT.

Into the ROC opened my eyes to the many community involvement opportunities that are available to students. The program allows RIT students to immerse themselves in the Rochester community through service and culturally oriented events. Some of my favorite trips have included diverting food waste with SEAL and Flower City Pickers, visiting Artisan Works, kayaking down the Genesee River, and much more.

After the first year of the Into the ROC program, we found that almost all students left with a newfound love for the Rochester community. Along with this, the vast majority of students were eager to continue community service involvement in their free time. It was clear that it was having a legitimate impact on our students.

Here are some updates on our current efforts:

  • We recently presented our Into the ROC efforts to the Rochester Intercollegiate Council, which has sparked conversation about opportunities for launching a city-wide program for students, advocating for more student involvement in economic growth discussions.
  • Student Government is partnering with local businesses to offer student discounts, which we hope will encourage students to venture into the community more often while saving money.
  • In addition, Into the ROC has partnered with Kovalsky and Carr to identify future pathways for business opportunities for RIT students. Down the line, I would love to see RIT students pursuing careers in Rochester. There is so much potential for RIT students and Rochester to thrive through economic growth, increased connectivity, and community involvement.

And, of course, none of this would be possible without the help and support of many others. It is very easy to stay optimistic about the future of our community when new members continue to strive towards the overarching common goal of a better future"