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Resilience at RIT

Resilience at RIT

The hard work is always worth it. No matter how tough it might get.

Circling in with our #winterwarmth of this month and the inspiration of the #Resilience stories shared with #RITStudentLife, we take a look back at them for #flashbackfriday! These stories helped us to recognize that the hard work needed to reach your goals is always worth it. No matter how tough it might get.

Bravery and adaptability come in many forms, as proudly shown by the students who shared their stories and experiences with the RIT community. These shared experiences give a glimpse into the difficult situations that we all face, bringing us closer together in the desire for success. Being thrown into terrifying scenarios, like Ethelia accidentally getting on a flight taking you 1,000 miles away from your planned destination, can shake us up and force us to be proactive in finding a solution. As college students, we are constantly growing and seeing the different perspectives of students from all over the world. It’s important to accept that we may have varying opinions than what our families expect, like Milky, who wasn’t afraid to accept her identity that contrasts greatly from the conventional community she grew up in.

As Sanjog told us in his story, utilizing the services available at the RIT Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education to prepare for the Spring University-Wide Career Fair immensely improved his resume and skill set, greatly preparing him for his professional endeavors. Working towards your professional and personal goals will always have some kind of obstacle you’ll need to tackle, even if it’s frightening. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! The weights we all carry can get heavy sometimes, so the resources and community of #RIT are here to make the journey to success smoother for everyone.

We send out a big thank you again to RIT International Student Services for working with us to help share the stories of these fearless students!

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