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How to Write a Student Organization Constitution:

A constitution is a founding document that provides a clear outline of the structure and mission of the organization and provides a basic set of rules that will govern the group. Its intent is to provide consistent leadership for the organization as it will be passed on to future officers.

**All Clubs are required to have a constitution**

Use the following outline to write your organization’s constitution. The items containing an asterisk (*) are required in the constitution:

1.  Formal name of the organization*

2.  Organization’s purpose*

3.  Membership composition*

  • Non-Discrimination clause

4.  Organization Officer Positions*

  • Duties
  • Officer election process


5.  Organization decision making model*

6.  Meetings*

  • Frequency
  • Structure


7.  Organization Advisor*

  • Appointment of  faculty / staff member
  • Responsibilities of organization advisor


8.  Organization Funds*

  • Means of acquiring funds

9.  Amending the Constitution*

10.  Addendums

  • Beneficiary addendum* (cannot be a person, must be an organization)


11.  Enabling Clause*

12.  Signature line/block*


Add information to change and/or clarify your constitution to remain consistent with the organization as it changes and grows.

Constitutions must be accompanied by meeting minutes stating that the new constitution was voted into place (not applicable to new organizations)


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