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Finance Committee Tip Sheet

***For Further information on Finance Committee please read the SG Finance Committee bylaws: (Finance Committee bylaws are pg. 29-40)

How to request funds:

Register your event through RIT Events! (If you are applying for SG funding don’t forget to put that in your event submission)

Submit an Application for Additional Funds


  • Description of the event
  • Breakdown of costs (specifically what you are requesting from SG Finance Committee)
  • Copy of current organization account statement


Things we DON’T fund:

  • Food
  • Mileage on Personal Vehicles
  • T-shirt purchases
  • Cash Prizes
  • Tax on reimbursement
  • Reimbursement of advisor, faculty or staff
  • Donations to charity directly
  • Events created for profit


Things we DO fund:

  • Events open to the entire RIT Community
  • Cultural food
  • Up to $500 for banquets
  • Travel to a group or individual representing RIT directly up to 50%


Finance Committee Loves (and funds):

  • Groups that engage in active fundraising throughout the year
  • Groups that are reaching out to other organizations to find funding
  • Events that benefit many students
  • Groups that plan ahead
  • Fundraising for Tech Crew, FMS, RIT Catering, The Hub services


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