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Club Review Board Guide

Campus Life Club Recognition and Affiliation Procedures

Campus Life reserves the right to delegate Recognition and Affiliation review to the Club Review Board (CRB). The CRB will be comprised of student members from recognized organizations and advised by the Assistant Director of Clubs. In the CRB's absence, decisions will be made by a representative appointed from SG, under the advisement of the Assistant Director of Clubs.  The President of RIT reserves the right to review all Applications for Club Recognition and Affiliation and make the final decision.

1. Application to Form a Club

Student groups who do not have the minimum of 10 members, club officers or advisor may not apply for Pre-Recognition status. Groups who have been previously denied Recognition are not eligible to apply for Pre-Recognition status within one calendar year. Pre-recognized groups are entitled to 3 months from the application date to present to the crb, during which time they may enhance recruitment efforts.

Application to Form a Club Basic Guidelines

Denials Based Upon:

  • Law/RIT Policy conflicts
  • Redundancy with existing clubs (active or inactive)
  • Limiting membership in any discriminatory fashion
  • Lack of information to clearly define purpose
  • Idea is in conflict with the spirit and direction RIT Clubs is going
  • Contribution to RIT community
  • No long term sustainability of club (turnover, events, causes)
  • Groups that would take away from departments and purpose on campus
  • The ability for idea and mission of prospective club to function without becoming Campus Life Recognized or Affiliated

Student groups must complete the New Club Recognition Form and specify whether they're interested in Campus Life Recognition or Affiliation. The application will include the club advisor‘s name, officer names, membership list, outline of tentative events and promotional paragraph. Applications will be reviewed by the Club Review Board and recommendations to grant Recognition or Affiliation will be based on the criteria outlined below.


  • Minimum 10 members
  • E-Board (Minimum President & Treasurer)
  • Advisor (current full time faculty or staff member at RIT) - except for Campus Life Affiliation applicants
  • Meeting history and Planned future meeting times
  • Events planned
  • Plan for graduating E-Board succession

Questions to Address:

How will you sustain this club? Do you see a long-term interest with this group?

Why do you wish to be a club?

What do you hope the benefit of being a club will be?

Tell us about the purpose of this club?

What are you looking to achieve with this club?

Describe to us events and ideas you have for this club