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Club Sports

There are currently Competitive Sports and Recreational Sports Clubs administered by the Center for Campus Life (CCL) and recognized by Student Government (SG). Each club is comprised of enthusiastic, hardworking, and dedicated athletes who organize, fund, and promote their clubs with the ultimate goal of competing against other colleges on both a regional and national level, or playing recreationally for the love of sports.

Sports Clubs provide unique opportunities for students to participate, compete, and develop skills in a variety of sports. These clubs actively recruit both new and experienced student athletes during the year. They develop skills through weekly practices and prepare for intercollegiate competitions. Some of the clubs have professional coaches who assist with their development. Competitive Sports Clubs are governed by regulations of both the Center for Campus Life and the Sports Club Federation.

The success of the Club Sports Program at RIT is the result of dedicated student leaders who volunteer their time, effort, and guidance to their respective clubs. Sport club officers provide strong leadership as well as a vision that carries each club into the new academic year. A club sports handbook has been created to assist you and to develop the continuity in the administration and creation of the Club Sports Program. An updated handbook will be housed on this page each academic year. Contained in this section of our website are the policies and procedures that each competitive sports club is expected to follow. We hope this will be a useful resource throughout the implementation of and future longevity of the program at RIT.

The Center for Campus Life supports and values an individual's right to access and utilize programs and services in accordance with their gender identity.  We are committed to fostering a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups.  All participants are expected to uphold the rights and others and to be civil, respectful citizens of the RIT community.  The Club Sports Transgender Inclusion Policy can be found here.

The Club Sports Handbook is currently being updated!