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Good Neighbor Practices

Living off campus can be a fun adventure, but you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, roommate, neighbor and community member. For many RIT students, choosing to move off campus is their first time living in an independent environment within a residential community. Students are reminded they are representing RIT and should conduct themselves and their guests in a manner consistent with the Student Code of Conduct, which still applies to your actions - on or off campus! RIT can take disciplinary action when students violate federal, state or local laws, or when behavior adversely affects the University community. RIT and Campus Life want living off campus to be a rewarding experience for you! 

Know Your Neighbors 

Introduce yourself & get to know your neighbors so you're not "just another student!" 

Keep It Clean 

The outside of your property and lawn should be clean. If your landlord is responsible, make sure it is done regularly and your trash is in adequate garbage containers so it can't be blown across your lawn. 

Upholstered Furniture

Couches & other indoor furniture are not permitted outside on porches, decks or lawns. 

Party Responsibly 

Let neighbors know in advance if you're having a social event and make sure guests follow parking laws. If serving alcohol you can be held legally responsible for your guests' behavior and collecting money at your party to help cover costs is illegal. Monitor noise levels, parking, littering, public urinations and all possible violations. 


The legal drinking age in NYS is 21. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle under the influence. It is also illegal to be drunk in public places including: sidewalks, streets, parking areas, schools, play-grounds, parks and shopping centers. 

As a party host you are responsible for your guests' health. Here are signs that indicate alcohol poisoning , which if untreated can lead to death. Call 911 for help if these symptoms are seen: 

irregular breathing
low body temperature 
blue-tinged | pale skin 

Noise Ordinance

Excessive noise is the largest neighborhood nuisance. You're living in an area that is not only for students so you need to be considerate of everyone around you. The city of Rochester prohibits any unreasonable loud noise that disturbs the quiet and comfort of a person. 


Be aware of your neighborhood's off street parking laws and practices throughout various seasons. 

Tenant Obligations 

  • Keep the property safe & sanitary. 
  • Dispose of all garbage appropriately 
  • Comply with housing, health & safety codes 
  • Keep appliances in good working order. 
  • Do not disturb your neighbor’s 
  • Allow the landlord to enter the premises if the request is reasonable & proper advance was given. 

Landlord Obligations

Comply with all applicable building, housing, health, & safety codes. 

  • Keep the property in a habitable condition. 
  • Keep all common areas safe and sanitary. 
  • Maintain all appliances and equipment. 
  • Provide 24 hour notice prior to entering a unit,unless there is an emergency. 

Important Facts

  • Any landlord who states heat will be available, must supply heat during the period from Sept. 15th to May 31st. A temperature of no less than 68 must be in all habitable areas. 
  • A landlord has no legal obligation to supply a tenant with parking, storage space, garage, yard, common area, snow removal, garbage cans or removal. However, if you are supplied with certain services, try to get it in writing. 
  • Landlords are required to maintain all utility systems up to code and in safe working order. It is a criminal offense for a landlord to shut off a tenant's utility service.