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Finding Roommates 

Resources for locating off-campus, non-RIT housing can be found by conducting a web search. Rochester offers many diverse types of off-campus housing. Urban style housing are available in the city of Rochester, while suburban housing and living options are available close to RIT’s main campus.

MYTH: Just because you get along as friends does not mean you will as roommates!

If you decide to live with a roommate(s), choosing the right one(s) is just as important as choosing the right place to live. They will impact your social life, financial decisions and off campus safety. They can be a lot of fun or added stress. When choosing a potential roommate, it is important to clearly communicate the expectations of each other.

Here are some lifestyle considerations:
What are you looking for in a roommate? 
What are the sleeping habits of each other? 
How much time do you spend in the bathroom/shower? 
What are your study habits? 
How do you feel about guests? Overnight guests? 
Do you split the grocery bills or share groceries? Discuss budget. 
How is the space to be divided? 
How will storage space in the kitchen be divided? 
How will chores be divided? Cleaning of common areas? 
Who will set up utility accounts? 
Is smoking or drinking allowed? 
If you want to host parties, when and how often should they occur? 
How do you feel about locking window and doors? 
Are pets allowed?

Roommate Agreement

A roommate agreement is a great tool to use when living with someone. The agreement will assist you and your new roommate(s) with establishing house rules and guidelines, who will pay for what and several other items that will be helpful in creating a positive living experience. We encourage you to sit down and discuss each section, while remaining as truthful as possible. Put any agreement in writing and post it in a prominent place. Check out the sample agreement handout for advice.

The Henrietta Town Code prohibits more than 3 unrelated people from living together in a single family home. If you live with people who are not your relatives and rent or own a single-family home in Henrietta, this code may apply to you.