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Event Planning Checklist


  1. Reserve your space at the Welcome Center Desk in the Campus Center or at
    *Be sure to consider the following items when making your reservation:

    • What size room is needed?
    • How much time is needed for set-up?
    • Should a rain date/location be reserved?
    • Are multiple spaces needed?
  2. Find out what services are required 
    (Facilities Management, Dining Services, Public Safety, etc.)
    *Use Event Planning Logistics Checklist below to determine service needs

  3. Register event through EVR online at The Link at least two weeks in advance. 
    *Don’t forget to continue checking your event submission page on The Link.  Additional information may be requested for service providers in order to approve the event. Contact with questions.




  • Purchase supplies for event/preparation

Special Event Procedures/Agreements

*If the event includes any of the below components, please read and abide by the appropriate procedures.


Event Planning Logistics

Event Set-up

  • Specific room set up 
  • Tables
    • Size and quantity
    • Linens
  • Chairs
  • Trash cans
  • Special lighting and/or sound equipment 
  • Signage 
  • Stage or dance floor
  • Technical needs 
  • Curtains
  • Golf carts for transportation 

Food & Beverages

  • Food will be provided
    • Brick City Catering 
    • Dining Express 
    • Outside Caterer
    • Purchased Externally
    • Homemade 
  • Food provided at no cost to attendees  
    *Must follow University Vendor Policy



  • Event attendees include non-RIT community members
    1. Non-RIT attendees need designated parking
    2. Minors  *Protecting minors on campus
  • Money will be collected at the event  *Cash handling protocol
  • Event includes activities that could impose risk of injury to participants/spectators  *Waivers & rules
  • Third party vendors will be present at the event  *Contracts/insurance

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