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Habitat for Humanity Club works to build a better world, one home at a time!

Everyone deserves to have a suitable, safe, and affordable place to live, but for those who don’t have that option, Habitat for Humanity makes it possible.  By building, renovating, and repairing houses around the world, purely using volunteer labor, the organization increases access to decent, affordable housing to whoever needs it.

As a branch of this organization, RIT’s Habitat for Humanity Club does the same on a local scale.  With most of their home builds done in Batavia, NY, they work to give those in the community an opportunity to live in an affordable and decent home of their own.  RIT’s Habitat is currently on their 7th house over 3 years and has accumulated over 1,750 volunteer hours from more than 110 different volunteers!

The club doesn’t just build houses, but have even more fun organizing their fundraisers, like their “Powerhouse Bake Sales” that you may have seen in the SAU, or “Pie a Habitat Member.”  Upcoming this month is their Thanksgiving Dinner, a time for members to reflect on what they’re thankful for while enjoying a potluck dinner open to everyone to have some fun!  You also may have seen their Imagine RIT exhibit, featuring a house-shaped maze with Habitat facts and goodies throughout!

One of their newest projects includes a house that is reserved solely for RIT members to build, from the construction phase all the way through its completion!   This is their first complete build from beginning to end, and is strictly done by RIT volunteers.  This “build,” and others, takes place every Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm and any RIT student is welcome to help!

For those who have an interest in giving back to the community and lending a hand with Habitat for Humanity, feel free to join in at one of their meetings on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8 pm in the Allen Chapel (the Center for Religious Life).  You can also reach out to or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @RITHFH.  Join a great cause and make a difference for future homeowners!