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A budget is an estimate of costs, revenues and resources over a specific period of time, and reflects a financial forecast. A budget also serves as a plan of action for achieving quantified objectives to help you accomplish your club or student organization’s mission and goals. All clubs and student organizations are highly encouraged to create and maintain a budget by keeping records for each transaction, including receipts, invoices, and packing slips.

In order to prepare a budget request, club or student organization members are encouraged to meet and discuss a proposal; then, share it with their advisor for any suggestions or adjustments. They may also seek their financial contact’s assistance for available funds and accounts reconciliation. Every month, the Campus Life finance team generates reports and places print copies in each club’s mail folder in the Tiger Suite for reconciliation purposes.

The Club Budget Process is submitted online, in the SPRING of every academic year. The Campus Life finance team will communicate with all clubs in regards to timeline and procedure.

The submission of a budget request to Campus Life does not guarantee that a budget will be allocated. In addition, these funds are allocated from Campus Life, and not Student Government (SG).

The SG Finance Committee awards are a separate process. Please contact SG for details on SG awards.

A club may NOT use the budget to purchase catering, clothing, prizes/awards, or pay honorarium. A club should conduct fundraising to cover such expenses. Off-campus bank accounts and cash boxes are strictly prohibited.