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Locations and Resources

Locations You Can Reserve


  • Fireside Lounge
  • Clark A
  • 1829 Room
  • Ingle Auditorium
  • Alumni Room
  • Display Cases (4, 6, 8, 9)
  • SAU Lobby (16 tables available daily)
  • Greek Confrence Room
  • Davis Room (Brick City Cafeteria)


Campus Center

  • Reading Room
  • Room 1000
  • Room 1010/1015 (two separate rooms but can be combined)
  • Bamboo Rooms 2650/2610 (two separate rooms but can be combined)
  • Room 2740


Outdoor Locations

  • Gleason Transit Plaza
  • Infinity Symbol
  • Island South of Orange Hall
  • Kodak Quad
  • Outside SAU Main Entrance
  • Sentinel
  • Tiger Statue
  • Unity Quad
  • Grace Watson Lobby


Academic Room Information

  • NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES are allowed in these rooms!
  • No same day reservations can be made!
  • Please include the same information for a room request. If you don't know which room you'd like, have a preferred building in mind.


Popular Requests for Academic Rooms

  • Golisano
  • Gleason
  • Eastman
  • James
  • Booth
  • Gannett
  • Max Lowenthal

If you are looking for a particular building please ask! We can look into it and let you know if we can make the reservation or not. We do have other contact names of people you may be looking to contact about places to reserve on campus that are not through us.

Other Large Rooms Available On Campus

  • Skalny Room in the Center for Religious Life
  • Residential Areas (Gleason A055, NRH 1250, Sol Activity Room, etc.)
  • Student Development Center (SDC)