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What is the Student Health Services Fee? 

Services offered by RIT’s Integrated Health Services, comprised of Case Management, Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS), including NTID Psychological Services, and the Student Health Center (SHC) are available to all matriculated students.  All undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits hours are automatically charged the Student Health Services Fee each semester, as are all graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credits. During the fall and spring semesters, undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits, graduate students enrolled in fewer than 9 credits, and students on co-op are not charged the Student Health Services Fee, but they may choose to pay the Student Health Services Fee or single-visit fees to access services at CaPS and the SHC throughout the semester.  During the summer, students who were enrolled in the spring semester and are enrolled for the upcoming fall semester, or those who are enrolled in summer classes, are eligible to pay the Student Health Services Fee if they desire to access services at CaPS and the SHC.

What is covered by the Student Health Services Fee?  Is there anything that is not covered?

The fee covers office visits and many of the basic services students may need at CaPS and the SHC.  There are additional charges, payable at the time of the visit, in the SHC for services like immunizations, some supplies (e.g., crutches, splints), certain in-house laboratory tests and prescription medications purchased within the SHC. 

I was escorted to CaPS to be seen.  Do I still have to pay a fee for a visit I did not ask for?

Students are not charged for appointments that result from being escorted to CaPS for an urgent care appointment. 

Are there any services I can access that I do not need to pay the Student Health Services Fee for?

Students who have not paid the Student Health Services Fee are not charged for the first 2 urgent care appointments at CaPS or for urgent care appointments that result from a post-hospitalization check-in. 

How much is the Student Health Services Fee?  How much do I pay if I only want to pay for one visit?

Students can choose to pay the Student Health Services Fee to cover an undefined number of visits to the SHC and CaPS for the entirety of the semester, or students can choose to pay per visit. The Student Health Services Fee is currently $185/semester. The single-visit fee is currently $45/visit. 

How do I pay the Student Health Services Fee?

The Student Health Services Fee can be billed directly to a student’s University Student Account. Students may also choose to pay the fee in a lump sum, not through their University Student Account.  Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, TigerBucks, Visa and Mastercard.  Students may also pay a single-visit fee for appointments at CaPS and the SHC, as needed. Payments must be made at the time of the appointment at the Student Health Center front desk, located on the first floor of the August Center. Students who are not currently on-campus can call 585-475-2255 to arrange for their SHSF to be billed to their student account or to pay using TigerBucks, Visa and MasterCard. 

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance company?

CaPS and the SHC do not bill insurance companies directly for services provided; however, students may obtain a receipt for a single-visit fee, which can be submitted to their insurance company for consideration of reimbursement (please note that not all insurance companies will reimburse these single-visit fees).  Insurance companies will not reimburse payment of the full Student Health Services Fee.

What if I cannot afford to pay the Student Health Services Fee?

RIT Wellness is committed to supporting all students in their ability to access care, regardless of financial status.  Students who can provide evidence of financial hardship may be eligible to receive financial assistance  All students who wish to request financial assistance must submit a request form (our staff can assist you in requesting this – please call 585-475-2255 (Student Health Center) or 585-475-2261 (CaPS) for more information) via the RIT Wellness Portal.