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Resources For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are often the first to identify and respond to students who are struggling. It may be common for you to encounter students who are in emotional distress.

Expected and developmentally appropriate struggles include difficulty with major life transitions, losses, poor decision making, or problems with motivation. Appropriate responses to these situations will vary depending on the culture, life experiences, and unique needs of each student.  While for one student, responding with tears about a poor grade may be normal, for another student, it may be a sign of crisis.

Students may share very personal information and confide in you, both through your contact with them personally in the office or classroom, and through their academic work.  Although the majority of students will not utilize Counseling and Psychological Services or other campus services for support, you can serve to help identify students in need, and provide referrals and direct connection to campus resources.

If you feel a student is at immediate risk of harm, please contact Public Safety by calling 585-475-3333 or texting 585-205-8333.