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Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

Research and our own experience reveal the power of group counseling in addressing many of the most common issues faced by college students. Group counseling provides the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, and encouragement from other students in a safe environment.  For many emotional concerns, personal struggles, and relationship issues group counseling is the most effective treatment.  Because groups are so effective, Counseling & Psychological Services offers an extensive number of groups each semester to address student needs.  Link underlined text to Group Schedule

Group counseling can help you:

  • Discover that you're not alone in your struggles, thoughts, and feelings
  • Learn from other students facing similar issues or problems
  • Gain multiple perspectives on your concerns
  • Feel more connected to others
  • Become more aware of yourself through genuine feedback from others
  • Develop new interpersonal skills that you can use in your daily life
  • Internalize the lessons you've learned by helping others in the group

Groups range up to 10 students and meet weekly to discuss similar concerns and goals.  Each group is led by a mental health professional who will help students get the most out of group and guide students toward their counseling goals.  Group members learn from and support one another in a setting guided by mutually agreed upon rules, practices and procedures that promote respect, individual and group growth, and constructive exchanges.

We feel confident that group therapy is one of the most effective and beneficial treatments to address the common issues faced by students, but we recognize that for many students, the idea of participating in a group can seem intimidating.  Although many students are initially apprehensive and hesitant about joining a counseling group, group members consistently report the experience as positive and helpful. 

What students are saying about our group program:

  • “Groups provide a safe place to talk with 100% chance of support”
  • “I enjoyed the amount of learning that occurred during group”
  • “It was reassuring to know that you could bring up personal problems while in a group environment”
  • “Knowing I’m not completely alone”
  • “Seeing that I can be accepted by others helps me to accept myself”
  • “I liked the feeling of community and having support”
  • “Support from others who were experiencing similar issues”
  • “People who say I feel ya”
  • “Being able to talk things through/receive and give advice”

“Being able to be emotionally open and genuine with other people”