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Referrals to Community Providers

Although the vast majority of students will be able to meet their goals for counseling through brief individual counseling and psychotherapy or through participation in group counseling, Counseling & Psychological Services (CaPS) staff may refer some students to an off-campus service to obtain more specialized therapy, for formal evaluation and testing, or for more intensive treatment.

Students or others concerned about a student may also request consultation with a CaPS staff member for further information about off-campus treatment providers.  Other reasons students may seek an off-campus provider include:

  • If you don’t feel comfortable coming to a campus office to receive services for privacy reasons
  • When you know you want specialized or longer-term treatment

CaPS staff may decide to refer a student for additional services at any time during the treatment process.   

Counseling & Psychological Services staff are knowledgeable about community resources, and students will be provided with information regarding off-campus treatment providers if one is recommended.