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Philosophy and Goals

The training model adhered to by RIT Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) is developmental in nature, with staff recognizing that trainees enter the program at various levels of skill and experience.  The staff is committed to helping trainees become more skilled and autonomous in their professional functioning by consistently assessing the level of their experience, affording them opportunities for learning that are consonant with that level, and assisting them through supervision, teaching, and mentoring.  The training model also recognizes the importance of each distinct mental health discipline; thus, special attention is given to providing supervision in line with a student’s specific discipline, in addition to providing exposure to perspectives and practices of other disciplines as a means of encouraging the development of skills in working within a diverse group of professionals with a common goal.  Collaboration with others in the Center for Student Health, Counseling, and Wellness and across campus is viewed as paramount.

One of the values inherent in the training process and espoused by the training staff includes the belief that science and scholarship inform competent practice; thus, training program staff seek to integrate this value into all elements of the training program and into their own clinical work at CPS.  The training program also acknowledges the importance of fostering cultural competence in developing clinicians and supporting awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of, and sensitivity to, cultural and individual diversity; thus, specific training is given and supervision is performed in line with this value. 

The overall goals for trainees include both to develop mastery of the basic skills of counseling and/or psychotherapy as well as to become familiar with and/or experience aspects of professional clinical work in a real work setting, which involve working as part of a treatment team, collaborating with individuals and organizations outside of Counseling & Psychological Services, among other aspects.