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Trainee Evaluation

RIT’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) provides clinical training to several groups of professionals in training from a number of local graduate programs, so the trainee evaluation process will look different depending upon the graduate program that a trainee attends.  Each program, as well as the CPS training program, has core competencies that it seeks to promote growth in and evaluate throughout the training year.

Trainee evaluation is done in three major ways: 

1) On an informal daily/weekly basis by individual supervisors as part of the supervisory experience

2) On a weekly/biweekly basis in Supervisor Supervision Seminar, where supervisors share feedback, as needed

3) On a mid-year, end-of-year (the time frame depends on the duration of the training period, but for trainees attending the training program for the full academic year, evaluations will be completed in December and at the end of the training year, in May) basis by primary supervisors completing the formal evaluation form specific to their graduate program.