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Intramurals: Sportsmanship Rating Scale

Teams will be given a sportsmanship rating at the end of their intramural contest according to the following scale. If a team receives a 1 or 0, the team may be suspended from play.

4 - Excellent Sportsmanship Accordion

  • Team members and/or spectators cooperate with and demonstrate good sportsmanship toward teammates, opponents, and all members of the Intramural student and/or professional staff during the entire contest.
  • Team captain exhibits control over his/her teammates and spectators; he/she converses calmly and rationally with officials regarding the interpretation of calls during the entire contest.
  • Team members and/or spectators demonstrate proper respect for all equipment and the facility before, during, and after the contest.
  • Team members and/or spectators honor the spirit and intent of the intramural sport game rules and/or program policies.
  • Team members and/or spectators accept judgment decisions made by the officials during the entire contest.
  • The minimum number of team members needed to start the contest is present, checked in, and ready to play prior to game time. Teams who do not meet this requirement are ineligible to receive a 4 rating.

3 - Good Sportsmanship Accordion

  • Teams begin at this level, and if no positive or negative actions occur, the team will receive this score.
  • Team members and/or spectators exhibit good conduct and sportsmanship for the majority of the contest.
  • Team members and/or spectators verbally complain about some decisions made by officials and/or show minor dissension which do not merit a technical foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

2 - Below Average Sportsmanship Accordion

  • Team and/or spectators show verbal dissent toward officials and/or the opposing team which may or may not result in a technical foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • Team captain demonstrates minor control over teammates/spectators and/or does not actively promote good sportsmanship.
  • Team members occasionally use profanity, although it is not directed toward staff/opponents.
  • At game time, the team is not able to produce the minimum number of participants, resulting in a forfeit. The opposing team will automatically receive a 3.0 rating in this situation.

1 - Poor Sportsmanship Accordion

  • Team members and/or spectators continuously show dissent toward staff/opponents or use abusive/inappropriate language toward staff/opponents.
  • Team members and/or spectators are continuously “trash talking” opponents and/or intimidating staff/opponents or playing and/or behaving dangerously/maliciously.
  • Team captain is unresponsive and uncooperative in helping staff members to control teammates and/or spectators.
  • Teams that have a player ejected may not receive higher than a 1.0 rating.

0 - Disqualifying Conduct Accordion

  • Threatening/making physical contact in an aggressive manner toward Intramural student or professional staff/opponents by team members and/or spectators.
  • Team members and/or spectators are out of control, intoxicated/under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or show a complete disregard for authority.
  • Team captain shows no control over the actions of his/her teammates or spectators.
  • A team member uses another student’s RIT ID card to gain admittance for him/herself, alumni/ae, or a non-RIT team member.
  • Team members damage/attempt to damage equipment or the facility.

Adapted from the SUNY Cortland Office of Intramural Sports, July 19, 2011.