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Course Schedule

Two Required CRP courses:

  • CRP Academic Strategies (0 Credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)
  • CRP Motivation & Wellness (0 Credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)


  • Three Credit Courses: (in general, no more than 10 credit hours)

Required Mentoring Component:

  • Students meet weekly with a CRP mentor, (a professional staff person) to discuss academic progress and concerns
  • Mentor Curriculum includes support for class activities and focuses on students’ areas for improvement as determined by the assessment called the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

Referrals are made to support students for:

  • Career/major topics
  • Math, writing, & reading assistance
  • Personal wellness

Mid-Term Grade Reports:

Will be provided to students and discussed at their weekly mentor meeting


  • Successful completion of CRP = minimum GPA of 2.0 & minimum final grades of "C" in required CRP courses
  • Students apply for reinstatement to an academic program of choice
  • The CRP Final Grade Report and a written narrative from the student's CRP mentor will accompany a Change of Program (COP) form to the academic program of choice
  • A Change of Program (COP) form, signed by an academic department, reinstating the student is required, or the student will be suspended

Post CRP Support

Students reinstated into academic programs after CRP are automatically enrolled Study Strategies Lab offered by the Academic Support Center.  This is a free course designed to help students stay on track when they return to RIT in fall or spring semester.  It is the student's responsibility to drop the Study Strategies Lab in SIS if they do not wish to remain enrolled.  Failure to attend the class and withdraw from it on SIS, will result in a failing grade recorded on the student's academic transcript.

ACSC 63 Study Strategies Lab: This hands-on course is designed for students interested in maintaining their study strategies and organizational skills with regular support and feedback from an instructor. (CRPG-061 CRP Academic Strategies is a pre-requisite for this course)