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The mentor is a professional staff person and an academic advocate who provides valuable guidance and personal encouragement. It is important for students to communicate effectively with their mentor in order to obtain the appropriate support, to benefit from what CRP has to offer, and to experience personal development and academic growth. 

  • Each CRP student is assigned a mentor
  • Mentors and students meet weekly to discuss academic progress and concerns. The mentor serves primarily as an academic advisor; however, personal issues which impact academic performance are often raised
  • Issues related to academic requirements should be discussed with an academic advisor in an academic department
  • The mentor receives information from both CRP and credit course instructors about the student's progress throughout the term, and is responsible for reviewing the Mid-Term Progress Reports with the mentee 
  • Mentors may make suggestions and recommendations about additional support services, such as those offered by the Academic Success Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, The Writing Commons, Bates and Sol Study Centers for Math, etc., that may be helpful during CRP and subsequent terms