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Program Objectives

The objectives of the College Restoration Program are:

  • To assess areas of interference to the student’s academic success at RIT
  • To provide instruction and guided practice in areas such as time management, study skills, motivation and wellness, in order to increase each student's ability to accurately perceive, process, evaluate, and consolidate college-level material for long-term retention
  • To train students to set and accomplish specific and realistic goals
  • To coach students in developing greater academic autonomy
  • To engage students in activities and discussions that will assist them in discovering how new patterns of behavior may increase their academic success
  • To increase self-esteem as students master techniques that will assist them in effectively managing their day-to-day lives, performing well academically, and practicing persistence despite challenge and adversity
  • To develop working relationships with peers and instructors, and to strengthen students’ ability to communicate effectively within the RIT environment
  • To guide students in being proactive and making appropriate choices that will maximize their options and allow them to advocate for themselves
  • To prepare students to return to the Pre-CRP academic department or choose a new department of study at RIT