The DSO Test Center is a proctored environment where students with the academic adjustment of “Use of DSO Test Center as needed” can take exams, tests, and quizzes when scheduled in advance. In addition to the main test room, the test center is equipped with computer stations with basic Microsoft software, text-to-speech software, Minitab, and monitored internet access. Other software available on RIT’s Software Center can be downloaded with advance notice.

Test Center Hours

Weeks 1 & 2 – 8am-4:30pm
Remaining weeks – 8am-6pm
Exam week hours are TBD based on exam schedule
Summer 8am-4:30pm
Location: SAU Room 1150

Download the Test Center Info Sheet


Procedure for using the DSO test center

  • Student and instructor discuss and agree on a date & time that is within test center hours and overlaps with class time when possible.
  • Student contacts the DSO to reserve a seat in the test center.
  • Student gives a test envelope to instructor with left side completed OR has made plan with instructor to email the test.
  • Instructor provides the test and proctoring information to the DSO in advance of the test using a test envelope (provided by the student) or by emailing the test and test center info sheet to We appreciate receipt of the test at least one day in advance of the test. Please do not wait for an email confirmation from us in order to send the test. If we do not receive the test by the day before it is scheduled we may send a courtesy reminder email.


Use one of these options for getting tests to the DSO

  • Place the test envelope in your “College drop-box”: Each college has a drop-box where a test can be placed for DSO pick up.  Please drop off at least 24 hours in advance.
    SCB LOW-A300   KGCOE GLE-3203
    CET per dept   Liberal Arts LBR-2210
    CHST CBT-1180   NTID LBJ-2620
    CAD GAN-1075   COS GOS-1102
    GCCIS GOL-1013   GIS SUS-3170
  • Deliver the test in person to DSO: We are in the SAU - room 1150.
  • Email the test: Please use our office email account Be sure to include a completed test center info sheet with your test. Please do not ask students to pick up a test in the classroom before coming to the DSO.


Late arrivals to the test center
Students are expected to arrive on time and begin at their scheduled appointment time. Test times will not be extended for late arrivals.

Students requesting restroom breaks
Students are advised to use the restroom prior to entering the test center. If a student requests a restroom break during a test DSO staff will use best judgment in considering the request. Staff will not accompany the student to the restroom.

Submission of homework
The DSO will not collect homework from students and return to instructor. It is the responsibility of the student and faculty to make acceptable arrangements for homework submission.

Students who do not have the academic adjustment of “Use of the test center”
We are not able to accommodate students who do not have disabilities in the test center.  Please make alternate arrangements if you need to proctor a student outside of your regular class time.

Test corrections or additional information communicated to class during the test

Contact the DSO as soon as possible if there are any changes to the test or additional information provided to the class; you can email us, call us 585-475-5358 or text us 585-250-1150.

Q: How do I calculate a student’s extended time?

A: The extended time approved for each student is indicated on their Disability Services Agreement. This is what should be offered to the student. The academic adjustment for ‘extended time on tests/quizzes/exams’ is a multiplier; the most-common being 1.5x extended time. The student with this academic adjustment should be given the same length of time as the class times 1.5. For example, if the class is given 10 minutes for a quiz, the student with 1.5x would be given 15 minutes.  If the class is given 90 minutes for a test, the student with 1.5x would be given 135 minutes.  DSO staff will verify that the scheduled time is accurate.