Disability Services Office Update (Coronavirus):

To protect the safety of our staff, students, and faculty, the Disability Services Office staff are working remotely and will not be in the office until further notice. We will be available virtually each weekday between 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please contact the office at dso@rit.edu or reach out directly to a member of our staff.

For more information regarding critical accessibility considerations for students and faculty in the transition to alternative modes of course delivery, visit our COVID-19 and Accessibility FAQs.

RIT’s Coronavirus information website.

To request digital textbook files:

There may be instances when the DSO is not able to acquire digital files.  In these cases you will have the option to have the print copy of your book chopped and scanned to a searchable pdf format.  Books that are chopped will be rebound with a comb binding before being returned to you.

Request Digital Textbooks
  1. Identify your textbooks using SIS or the RIT Barnes and Noble website.
  2. Make your request using the form on this page.
  3. Purchase hard copies of your books – we cannot release electronic files until we see proof of purchase.
  4. Wait to hear back from the DSO. We will contact you when your books have arrived. Files will be transferred to your flash drive at pick up.

Request Form

This form is limited to 5 books; if you would like to request more books, please fill out an additional form.

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Book #2
Book #3
Book #4
Book #5