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Graduate Online Study

THE RIT ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER offers online courses currently for students preparing for Graduate study. Courses for undergraduate or general language learners are not offered at this time.

Summer 2024 Graduate Academic English Online

Three online courses are offered across the summer to prepare student for graduate study and meet all RIT graduate program English requirements.

  • Each course last 4 weeks, with 6 synchronous hours per week
  • Each course costs $2184
  • Minimum TOEFL of 60/ IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent on the RIT English Language exam
  • Completion of courses meets RIT graduate admission standards

                      Online Course


                        Time of classes


Grad. Writing & Reading


Mon-Wed-Fri  8AM-10AM EDT


Linguistics for Academic Comm.


Tu-Th                     8AM-11AM EDT


Grad. Spoken Comm.


Mon-Wed-Fri  8AM-10AM EDT


How to apply:

If you are an accepted RIT student, you simply need to contact RITELC@RIT.EDU to enroll! 

Students outside of RIT who are preparing for a university degree must complete a formal application to the program.  Students must meet general ELC application criteria and must also meet a minimum TOEFL/IELTS requirement for the University English program.  Please visit our application page, or contact us at RITELC@RIT.EDU for questions about how to apply.

What is the ELC online method?    All ELC courses:

  • focus on academic communication (what do professors expect?) to build professional skills
  • include themes about RIT majors in science, technology, arts and business
Student expectations and requirements
RIT English Language Center online courses are not pre-packaged self-study courses.  ELC online students should expect to the class to meet 2 or 3 times per week synchronously and to spend around 10 or more hours pers week to complete practice and assignments.  ELC online courses include (and require!) interaction with instructors and other students.  The courses are designed to coach students toward effective professional and university-level  communication.   The instructors are there to help (and to challenge) students to meet their learning goals.   
  • Must have a fully functioning computer or tablet with audio recording and web-cam capabilities.  Telephones or computers without video will not get the job done.
  • Must have a stable broadband Internet connection for the required synchronous classtime and other assigned activities.
  • Must attend a number of classes synchronously (in real time) every week with the instructor and other students. Synchronous classes will be delivered on Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00). Students in other time zones will need to adapt to the schedule, to incorporate these attendance requirements into their schedules regardless of local time
  • Must submit assignments regularly (3 to 5 times per week), Monday – Friday.
  • May be required to meet with other students online and/or the instructor to complete specified tasks each week. 



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