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Your roadmap to joining a sorority

Learn about Recruitment Style- there are two different types of recruitment at RIT:

  • Primary recruitment is a structured format that allows you to get know each chapter on campus and is held in the Fall Semester.
  • Continuous Open Bidding is a less structured format where sororities can extend a bid for membership to an eligible RIT woman once Primary Recruitment has concluded. Individual chapters host events at the beginning of the Spring semester. Please note that not all organizations will be allowed to take new members during this type of recruitment.


Primary RecruitmentPrimary recruitment will be in Fall Semester. If you are interested in registering for this process, please visit Campus Director . Using this Website, you will register for formal recruitment and provide some information. If you have any questions about this process or would more information please visit our website (you will need to register for RIT CampusGroups) or feel free to email Melissa Rideout, Vice President of Recruitment at

"No matter the Letters, we're all Greek together."

Dates for Formal Recruitment - Fall 2019

9/3 – 9/13 Council Tabling - Student Alumni Union (SAU), Student Development Center (SDC), and Gracie's

9/8 CPC Q&A - Campus Center 2610 (Bamboo Room), 9:00 pm 

9/9 CPC Q&A - SAU 1829, 6:00 pm

9/10 CPC Ice Cream Social - Sundial (Rain location is Gracie's Lobby), 7:00 pm


CPC Recruitment Kick Off

9/12 SAU Davis Room, 8:00 pm


CPC Recruitment Day 1

9/13 Lowenthal 3215, 6:00 pm 


CPC Recruitment Day 2

9/14 Lowenthal 3215, 3:00 pm


CPC Recruitment Day 3

9/15 Lowenthal 3215, 12:00pm


CPC Bid Day

9/16 Sentinel (SAU Lobby is Rain Location), 9:00 pm



Tips For Recruitment Success For Potential New Members (PNM’s):

  • Be yourself
  • Have genuine and honest conversations
  • Spend time really getting to know the members as individuals. See who you connect with
  • Expose yourself to the chapter experience
  • Look for the group where you feel most comfortable
  • Keep an open mind
  • Trust the process
  • Have fun!
  • Show up to each event energized and ready to face any challenge that comes your way
  • Carry on positive conversations that highlight the qualities that make you a great fit for the specific sorority
  • Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Don't try to be someone you are not just for recruitment. If you are not comfortable in an outfit, don't wear it. You may tend to be shyer or not as talkative if you are in something you do not feel good about wearing.
  • If you came with a friend, try not to become too attached. You may end up fitting better within different sororities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain close. Do what’s best for you!

College Panhellenic Council