International Students

Global Union represents 2681 international students from 95 different cultures at RIT.

Every year, Global Union is active in organizing events that promote cultural diversity and awareness such as the Unification cultural show competition, Cultural Bites, and Coffee Hour with Global Union. In addition to that, there is a diversity of clubs affiliated with our organization where we often collaborate with them on some of the events on campus.

Global Union is an organization dedicated to make international students feel at home while pursuing a degree at RIT. In order to achieve this goal, we strive

  1. To provide an effective platform for international students to voice their opinions and concerns at RIT.
  2. To take any appropriate actions in handling the aforementioned concerns.
  3. To work more closely with the main organizations that impact the international student body - International Student Services (ISS), English Learning Center (ELC) and Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) among others
  4. To foster an easier assimilation process of foreign students into US culture.
  5. To create a greater awareness and understanding of the cultural diversity that exists on campus.

Managed by Global Union, this Facebook group serves primarily as a medium for RIT international students to express any issues or concerns that they may have. Such matters are automatically communicated to us on the Global Union executive board. From this, we can gauge a better understanding of the factors that affect students the most. Ultimately, through this group, we at Global Union hope to build a better relationship with the entire international student body at RIT.

Have any concerns you would like to voice?

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