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Curricular Practical Training

International Student Services has created a virtual Curricular Practical Training workshop called Get Your CPT ASAP for all applicants to complete before applying for Curricular Practical Training.

Work experiences which are an integral part of an academic program are considered "curricular practical training." These experiences may include alternate work/study programs, internships, cooperative education, practicum experiences, or other temporary employment. To be eligible for CPT, students must receive course credit or be in a recognized co-op program. 

If you do not have a Social Security number you will need to apply for one. The staff in ISS is happy to help you with this process. The first step is requesting a Social Security letter from our office. Please use this form and follow these instructions to obtain the SSN.

It is important to keep your address updated in SIS while you are on co-op. How to update your address in the Student Information System (SIS)

How to Apply for Curricular Practical Training

  1. Register for co-op or internship with your academic department in the SIS system.
  2. Report your employment information to the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education (Click on "Students").
  3. Additional permission to participate in curricular practical training must be granted by an ISS advisor PRIOR to the employment start date. CPT authorization cannot be backdated. To receive a new I-20 with curricular practical training on it you must submit the Online CPT Request Form along with a copy of your job offer letter (that includes start date, end date, and employer's location) and a screen shot of your registration in SIS. The registration must be for the term(s) in which you are requesting Curricular Practical Training.

    Before submitting your CPT request please check the program end date on your I-20. If you are requesting CPT until a date that is after your I-20 expires, we will not be able to process your request. Please ask your academic advisor to complete a Program Extension Form for you so that your I-20 may be extended. Once this is done you may submit your CPT Request Form.

When this information is received an ISS advisor will create a new SEVIS I-20 with CPT Authorization on it. You will receive an email in two to three days when the  new I-20 is available.

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