Lil Kids on Campus 2016 @ RIT - Registration

A summer program designed for children entering 1st-4th grade with hands-on, theme-based activities that stimulate imagination, enhance creativity and extend knowledge.

One-week sessions Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:30pm
Enroll for the whole summer or week-by-week

Lunch and snacks included

Session Descriptions:

1. Time Travelers June 27 - July 1

Step into the time machine and see what happened years ago! What did children do before television, cell phones, and iPads? Travel to different eras, 'meet' famous people and find out how they lived in days gone by. You'll get to travel into the future too!

2. Patriotic Paper Palooza (4 days) July 5 - 8

How is paper made and what can you do with it? Experiment with different types of printing, make a collage and try out digital design. Find out how to make toys and games from paper and cardboard. Learn about quilling and origami too!

3. Passport Please July 11 - 15

Take a trip around the world to see how children live and what they do for fun! Visit different places to experience culture through stories, music and art. Your taste buds will travel too as you get to prepare and sample traditional foods Don't forget to bring a bag to take home some souvenirs!

4. Crazy Chemical Concoctions July 18 - 22

Do you know what happens when you add baking soda to vinegar? What are molecules and viscosity? You'll discover the answers to these questions and more when you conduct experiments with common household ingredients. You may even end up making great things to play with and eat.

5. Artists in Action July 25 - 29

Explore the works of amazing artists—be inspired to create your own masterpieces! Work with a variety of art materials and media. Experiment with color and design. Take home a collection of creative art pieces to show family and friends.

6. Build or Break? August 1 - 5

Ever think about designing a building? Wonder how to use a blueprint? You'll get to try out your skills with an assortment of different materials. Whether you use blocks or marshmallows, you'll learn how to keep your structures standing!

7. Fun at the Fair August 8 - 12

Summer wouldn't be half as much fun without a trip to a country fair. But we won't take you to the fair, you'll create one to experience with your friends! From games of tug-of war, to churning butter and pie making contests, you'll enjoy all of the fair fun and everyone will go home a winner! (Pool may be unavailable this week.)

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